Rumination II – The Answer Is Simple

(The response to this article when posted elsewhere is what prompted me to start ruminating.)

I’ve been holding off commenting on the awful tragedy in Sandy Hook. I’ve allowed others to have their say without interjecting. I’ve written and re-written my comments to make sure that they are said in the most respectful way possible. But it’s now time for me to share what’s on my mind.

I’ve read countless news stories, op-ed pieces, Facebook posts and other commentaries, each wanting to blame the tragedy on: guns, a permissive society, the NRA, violent video games, Hollywood, lax parenting, lack of security funding, gun laws, lack of gun laws, etc., etc., etc. We can waste an enormous amount of time trying to determine where best to place the blame.

Yet the answer is actually pretty simple: Satan is alive and well in this world.

Call it what you will, but what motivates someone to murder little children has existed since before time began: EVIL

And evil comes in all shapes, sizes, methods and madnesses. Always has, always will.

Cain probably used a rock. The Assyrians flayed people alive. The Romans crucified thousands and fed just as many to the lions. Judas employed a kiss. The Mayans practiced human sacrifice. Jack the Ripper brandished a knife. Hitler preferred the showers (aka gas chambers) and ovens. Stalin used machine guns. The Boston Strangler killed with nylon stockings. Jim Jones mixed a big batch of Kool-Aid. Jeffrey Dahmler used a saw. Son of Sam used a revolver. The Tylenol killer loaded capsules with poison. Saddam used chemical weapons. Timothy McVeigh loaded fertilizer and diesel fuel into a rental truck. BTK used duct tape and rope. Muhammad Atta used a Boeing 767. And the monster in Newtown had a Bushmaster assault rifle.

Satan and his minions have always been able to find individuals bent on doing evil, and those individuals have always been able to obtain instruments or weapons with which to do their evil work.

Sadly, none of that will change until one of two things happens:
1. This world comes to an end, which it will eventually do; or
2. The entire world comes to know Jesus.

It’s that simple. Looking to blame anyone or anything else is pointless. Evil things happen. We can’t legislate them out of existence. We have thousands of laws making evil things unlawful, yet they don’t stop individuals bent on doing evil things from doing them. Never have, never will.

Yes, what happened at Sandy Hook was an awful, pointless tragedy. It breaks my heart to think of those who were forever impacted by it. It should make all of us realize the presence of evil in our world and the pain that it causes. And it should make us detest evil all the more.

The only thing that will ever change this situation is the love of Jesus Christ. It’s the only thing that can truly change the condition of the heart of man. It’s the only thing that can displace the evil that often lives there.

In short, He’s our only hope.

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