Rumination XVII – R.I.P. Coal; Long Live the Dictatorship

(Those who might be sensitive about some of the things that the RT writes please take note. The “unfriend” and “unfollow” links are always available and close at hand. Thank you in advance.)

You have probably heard a bit about the new regulations the Environmental Protection Agency issued this week concerning “greenhouse gasses”. But you probably haven’t seen a lot of news coverage of them, since the media has been focused on how we don’t negotiate with terrorists (unless it’s through third-party Islamic nations that hate us), or praising Allah in the White House garden, or glorifying same-sex unions, or how everything is still George Bush’s fault.

Being an electric industry insider, the RT would like to share with you some of the real impact of these new regulations, designed to save the planet by keeping it from overheating, saving us from hurricanes, preventing asthma, finding a cure for cancer, putting men on Pluto, making glass out of sand (inside joke), and reanimating the unicorn. The polar bears rest easy tonight knowing that the EPA has their best interest at heart.

Let’s first examine the history of this whole mess.

Remember when Al Gore warned us about “global warming”? Well, that never gained much mainstream traction, because no one could actually show that the earth was warming or that it was necessarily a bad thing if it did.

So the “global warming” crowd changed the name of their charade to “climate change”. But that didn’t get traction either, since the climate is always changing (at least in the RT’s neck of the woods). Average folks just didn’t buy into it.

So they changed the name of their movement again, this time to “climate disruption”, so that they could blame every tornado, flood, and hurricane on George Bush – because tornadoes, floods and hurricanes never happened before he became President. Except that Mr./Ms. Average American couldn’t quite grasp what “climate disruption” meant, since it means whatever any environmentalist group wants it to mean at the particular point in time that they use it. (BTW, there is no such thing as a non-disrupted climate. Disruptions in the earth atmosphere ARE climate. But I digress.)

So we now have “carbon pollution”, because we all know that pollution is bad, and that carbon is, well, black, so “carbon pollution” must be real and it must be a problem, and therefore must be dealt with, regardless of the cost to the American public and/or the damage to our economy. After all, the polar bears are depending on us.

The “carbon pollution” crowd wants you to believe that carbon dioxide (good ol’ CO2 to most of us – the fizz in our Cokes, and the sparkle in their Perrier) is a pollutant.

The problem with that reasoning is that all life is made of carbon. Carbon is an absolutely essential element for every living thing on our planet. And so is carbon dioxide.

All animals emit CO2 (yes, that means you, Mr./Ms. Reader) as a byproduct of breathing (itself a necessary part of animal life) and all plants require CO2 in order to exist. Put a green plant in an environment of pure oxygen and it will die. Put it in an environment high in CO2 and it will grow like crazy.

So the RT struggles with the concept of CO2 pollution, since we would have to kill all animal life in order to stop it. Oh, and we would have to stop all volcanoes (the #1 source of CO2 on the planet) from erupting. I guess we could leave all plants alive, but once they consumed all of the CO2 from the atmosphere, they would die. Then the resulting plant matter would rot (the #2 source of CO2 on the planet) and generate more CO2. Oh, the trouble!

But since none of the previous noms du crisis have worked, surely “carbon pollution” will stick. After all, our President stayed away from the EPA announcement itself, so he could use a children’s hospital as a backdrop to speak about how these dastardly coal-fired plants are causing asthma and respiratory problems in our children.

The RT is still struggling to understand how reducing CO2 (and other “greenhouse gasses”) in the atmosphere will save our children from asthma. After all, if CO2 caused asthma, wouldn’t all of us have it? Wouldn’t Adam and Eve have been asthma sufferers, since CO2 was in the Earth’s atmosphere from the beginning? How could the human race have survived this long?

I really hate to interrupt all of this important rhetoric with fact, but did you know that the US has the cleanest coal-fired power plants in the world? We already have some of the strictest regulations regarding sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitric oxide (NOX), and particulate matter emissions in existence. Yep, the cleanest in the world. And affordable, too. But the RT isn’t ready to weary you with those facts just yet.

Did you know that China is building coal-fired power plants right and left, and that they don’t give a rat’s behind about what those plants emit, or how much of it? Some cities in China are so polluted that they generate artificial sunrises on video monitors, so their inhabitants can see what the sun looks like (somewhere else). And the US needs more restrictive controls on our plants? More about this aspect later.

You know what, the RT thinks that this latest nom du crisis is but a ruse. It’s not about global warming, or climate change, or climate disruption, or carbon pollution. It’s about control. It’s about controlling what you have access to and how much you will pay to have it.

There’s a whole lot more to this story, so come back in a day or so for the next installment.

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