Rumination XXVIII – 25 Things Never Said by a Real Texan

It’s been a mighty long time since the RT has written anything about the Good Ol’ Republc of Texas. So here goes.

Twenty-Five things you’ll never hear a Real Texan say:

  1. I wish I lived somewhere else.
  2. This chili is too hot.
  3. I don’t like football.
  4. I wish more Yankees would move here.
  5. Texas is too big.
  6. I don’t like Blue Bell Ice Cream.
  7. We need more than one Ranger to stop this riot. 
  8. Forget the Alamo.
  9. I don’t like Bob Wills.
  10. Do you want a soda?
  11. Bring me some hot tea.
  12. I’m afraid of guns.
  13. I don’t like Tex-Mex.
  14. Bluebonnets are for sissies. 
  15. I don’t like Stevie Ray Vaughn.
  16. I think I’ll give my guns to the PTA. 
  17. I prefer Milwaukee’s Best to Lone Star. 
  18. I don’t like BBQ. 
  19. “We’ll bring it to you!” (on a flag)
  20. I wish we had less oil in Texas. 
  21. I don’t like pecans. 
  22. I wish we were more like California or New York. 
  23. I have no respect for Tom Landry.
  24. Big Tex is just a dumb ol’ statue. 
  25. Ol’ Santa Anna was a pretty good guy.

Y’all stay happy out there. 

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1 Response to Rumination XXVIII – 25 Things Never Said by a Real Texan

  1. mmlace says:

    I’m not gonna say that I don’t like Blue Bell (who doesn’t love I’ve cream?)…but I will say that the AR girl in me actually prefers Yarnell’s…

    And, truthfully, I don’t like pecans.

    Don’t judge.

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