Rumination XLV – Organic Foods

The RT hears a lot of talk today about “organic” foods and knows it can be a quite confusing to the average reader. Since the RT lives to serve, he’s going to help clarify this situation.

For example, at the grocery store, there’s usually an entire area of the produce section dedicated to organic fruits and vegetables. The “organic” apples are usually adjacent to the “other” apples, and the two look amazingly similar, which can be a conundrum.

Therefore, to save you time at the grocery store, the RT offers the following list of all of the inorganic foods out there. Rather than search for the organic ones, just avoid this comprehensive list of inorganic ones.

The RT’s Comprehensive List of Inorganic Foods

1. Nothing

Well, that covers it. Every food humans eat is organic because it contains carbon – the very definition of “organic”. Whether you are a carnivore, an omnivore or a vegan, everything you eat is organic.

So, unless you regularly eat rocks or metal, your food is “organic”. If the thought of eating metal bothers you, you could eat chalk – it’s a carbonate. Problem solved.

No need to thank the RT for this one. It’s just what he does.

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