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Rumination XLI – Twenty Years Later

(In this edition, the RT yields the floor to his far more balanced alter-ego. You may rest easy in the knowledge that the usual snarkiness of the RT will return in due time.) Exactly 20 years ago (as I write … Continue reading

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Rumination XL – The Rambling Texan’s Flora-Bama Travel Guide

This year has seen more than the usual amount of travel for the RT. Not only has the RT spent time in København in 2017, late summer brought an opportunity to spend a week in Flora-Bama. Where The Heck Is … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXIX – How To Succeed … By Really Trying

The RT’s son recently got a job at a local burger place. Since it was his first job, the RT thought he should offer some fatherly advice about work and work ethic. As the RT pondered these pearls of sage … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXVIII – The Rambling Texan’s Copenhagen Travel Guide

Introduction The RT had an opportunity to visit Copenhagen, Denmark recently to visit his Little Baby Girl, while she was studying abroad. As is the case in most of his travels, the RT made some noteworthy observations which will help … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXVII – An Eighteen-Year-Old Sermon

While searching for something else, I stumbled upon a sermon I was privileged to share with my church family 18 years ago this month. I share it here because I still believe everything I said back then. God is good! … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXVI – Why Humans Communicate and What Happens When They Don’t 

(Note to the Reader: The Rambling Texan apologizes in advance that this post lacks his usual snarkiness, and that it has a title that borders on academia. Both were necessary to convey the importance of the subject matter. Until next … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXV – The Other Side of Stuttering 

In the last post, the RT surprised the heck out of some folks by saying that he’s really an introvert on the inside, driven largely in part by his life as a stutterer. Difficulties in verbal communication make it difficult … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXIV – My Life as a Stutterer

A recent Facebook post about introverts caused the RT to wax reflective about events in his own life that have led him to become somewhat introverted. Now, that idea may come as a surprise to those who know the RT … Continue reading

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The Rambling Texan’s Coastal Maine Travel Guide

(This post departs from the RT’s normal series of Ruminations for something extremely practical.) (Please note that this post has been updated to correct an egregious error in the chemical notation below, pointed out by the RT’s daughter.) Introduction Let’s … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXIII – Heaven Help Us

As the RT noted in his last post, everything that’s happening in the American political arena is all his fault. I’ve been guilty of putting my trust in people and establishments other than the Lord, so He’s going to let … Continue reading

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