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Rumination XXXVII – An Eighteen-Year-Old Sermon

While searching for something else, I stumbled upon a sermon I was privileged to share with my church family 18 years ago this month. I share it here because I still believe everything I said back then. God is good! … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXVI – Why Humans Communicate and What Happens When They Don’t 

(Note to the Reader: The Rambling Texan apologizes in advance that this post lacks his usual snarkiness, and that it has a title that borders on academia. Both were necessary to convey the importance of the subject matter. Until next … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXV – The Other Side of Stuttering 

In the last post, the RT surprised the heck out of some folks by saying that he’s really an introvert on the inside, driven largely in part by his life as a stutterer. Difficulties in verbal communication make it difficult … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXIV – My Life as a Stutterer

A recent Facebook post about introverts caused the RT to wax reflective about events in his own life that have led him to become somewhat introverted. Now, that idea may come as a surprise to those who know the RT … Continue reading

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The Rambling Texan’s Coastal Maine Travel Guide

(This post departs from the RT’s normal series of Ruminations for something extremely practical.) (Please note that this post has been updated to correct an egregious error in the chemical notation below, pointed out by the RT’s daughter.) Introduction Let’s … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXIII – Heaven Help Us

As the RT noted in his last post, everything that’s happening in the American political arena is all his fault. I’ve been guilty of putting my trust in people and establishments other than the Lord, so He’s going to let … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXII – OK, It’s My Fault

You know, the RT is really wound up over this election cycle, just as I have been over the last few. It seems that our elected officials have all lost their minds. Government spending and our national debt are spiraling … Continue reading

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Rumination XXXI – Something Like Scales

(The following was originally written in 2003 and posted on my son Riley’s website.) Every once in a while, I hear someone say something like “Does God still work in the world today?” or perhaps more decidedly, “God doesn’t work … Continue reading

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Rumination XXX – Time Marches On

The RT does a fair amount of traveling, mostly by air, but if it’s under a six-hour drive (my air-to-car travel threshold), I’ll generally drive. I thoroughly enjoy the solitude of time alone behind the wheel. I can zone out … Continue reading

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Rumination XXIX – 100 Things Said By No One … EVER

The RT goes to a LOT of meetings … LONG meetings … DRY meetings. And given that in today’s world he would likely be diagnosed as ADD, his mind tends to wander off onto other things during those meetings … … Continue reading

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