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Rumination XXXIX – How To Succeed … By Really Trying

The RT’s son recently got a job at a local burger place. Since it was his first job, the RT thought he should offer some fatherly advice about work and work ethic. As the RT pondered these pearls of sage … Continue reading

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Rumination XXV – The Gods of the Copybook Headings

The RT misses his Mama. I lost her 15 years ago, but I still think about her almost every day. Gerry Lou had a sharp mind, keen insight and a rapier wit. Maybe folks will say the same about me … Continue reading

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Rumination XX – Let Me Tell You About MY Dad

Let me tell you about MY Dad, Robert R. McClanahan. He’s the greatest Dad ever. As a kid, I thought he was a superhero, and as I’ve gotten older, that feeling has only become stronger. Here’s why: • He was … Continue reading

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Rumination XVI – I Really Don’t Care What You Have To Say (Not On Your Phone, At Least)

(An open letter to all who use cellphones in public places, especially Yankees.) Dear Fellow Cell-Phone-Using Citizens of the World at-Large, I have something that I really need to share with you. And I want to share it in the … Continue reading

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Rumination XV – We Simply Lost the Will

Last Spring, I had the opportunity to accompany my youngest child to the US Space and Rocket Center (aka Space Camp) in Huntsville, Alabama; my third trip in six years. Each time I’ve been, the program there has become more … Continue reading

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Rumination XIII – The Greatest Generation

A few months ago, I had the distinct privilege of being part of a “Welcome Home” reception for a group of WWII Veterans at our local airport. Honor Flight, a non-profit group that makes it possible for WWII vets to … Continue reading

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